Tea teaches the art of great content marketing

Doctor-who-content-marektingYou don’t need to be a Doctor Who fan or even know what a Tardis is to get the gold from this post: “How Doctor Who Can Help You Craft a Timelessly Engaging Marketing Message”

In her inimitable style, Tea explains the power of story-telling for business owners, She also illustrates why you should be your reader’s hero. “Don’t just tell someone vaguely what to do. Give them actual steps to get it done,” is essential advice for any blogger.

Following her own advice, this post contains eleven steps that demonstrate how to repurpose and regenerate your content.

This is a post to curate, or pin, pearl or evernote. Great reading.

About the Author: Tea Silvestre is a sci-fi geek, a marketing coach and the author of “Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How thinking like a Chef can help you build a solid business.” You can follow her musings on Twitter at @teasilvestre. Learn how she regenerated her blog content into a published book when you take her free e-course: “From Blog to Book in 9 Simple Steps“.

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