dancer dervish

The dance in our brain

'The brain doesn't determine what we do, it determines what we feel'. Geoffrey Schwartz. Every month, the inspiring group of Word Carnival bloggers put their hearts into a topic designed to make you think, learn something or bust some myths.  You … [Read More...]


Why you shouldn’t buy a website.

You're not buying a website. You're buying a desired reality When you buy a 'website' solution, you're being sold what you think you want, not what you need. What you need is clarity on your best business and personal outcomes for being online.  Now … [Read More...]


Six steps to counteract discourtesy

I like my brain.  It went AWOL for eight days recently and it wasn't pleasant.   Nor was the virus I had rampaging around the rest of my body. On the eighth night at 10pm, it returned. It had a lot to tell me.  It spoke in urgent tones for four … [Read More...]

To blog or tell a story

To blog or tell a story

'Hold on a moment', I hear you ask, 'What's the difference?'    This month's Word Carnival is about opposing positions (the Jekyll and Hyde) in our business lives, so it might be too early in the piece to have my cake and eat it.  But there we go, … [Read More...]


Our daughter’s story

An introduction The birth of the TEDx talk 'Tell your story. Save a life' I gave recently, coincided with the week in which our daughter’s pregnancy was identified as being at risk. Inexorably, her story and that of the birth of our small … [Read More...]


The danger of silence

Recently, I watched this explosive talk, The Danger of Silence by a young teacher and poet, Clint Smith. He begins by quoting Dr Martin Luther King who said, " In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our … [Read More...]